Metal Shape Cutting

Shape Cutting

The MTE CNC controlled system uses the latest in servo technology providing repeatable accuracy to .005". Our nesting software gets the most out of the materiel being cut. This is a savings to you.
  • Oxy/fuel beveling of straight edges up to 5".
  • Oxy/fuel cutting up to 3" steel
  • Plasma cutting of stainless steel, mild steel, abrasion resistant plate and aluminum from 18ga up to 5/8" (.625")
  • Modifications to existing parts.
  • Water table minimizes distortion resulting in closer tolerance parts and smaller Heat Affected Zones.
  • Post processing of parts to include finish work or painting available
  • Drilling, countersinking and tapping with high tolerance.
  • Special R&D projects welcome.
  • We provide quick and precise quotes on your projects. Short turn around times are standard.
Shape Cutting
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